Batman and the Mummy

It’s not just Tana Leaves that floats a Mummy’s boat. According to this ad from 1975, if you find yourself being menaced by a Mummy, don’t reach for your Special Mummy Ray Gun, grab a box of Twinkies. As Robin would say, Great Cheops!

Click the thumbnail below to enjoy…


2 Responses to “Batman and the Mummy”

  1. […] over to New York’s finest to discover what’s going on, but before you can say “Great Cheops” they realise that the cops have been turned into brain-dead mummies and Banner is hulking out to […]

  2. […] So, if you’re attacked by a mummy and don’t have any Twinkies or Special Mummy Ray, you’re pretty much doomed. Unless of course, you’re attacked by a mummified Teenage […]

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