Dead Set

Just watched last night’s episode of Dead Set, a new zombie drama on E4. If you’ve not seen it, Dead Set follows the events of a zombie outbreak that takes place on the eviction night of Channel Four’s Big Brother. As the sun rises on a new dawn, the only survivors are the contestants in the house, a terrified show runner and the smarmy producer.

I absolutely loved it. Fantastic pacing, more gore than you’d expect for a TV show (but not enough to be silly) and good scary zombies. The frenzied cuts of the zombie outbreak itself were unsettling but the aftermath the next morning really brought up the goosebumps; zombies are almost licking the monitor screens showing the bliss-fully unaware housemates who we watch through the usual two way mirrors – the only difference is that the two way mirrors are now smeared with blood. Some really nice touches for geeks, er fans like me, the throwaway reference to the Manchester Morgue for example. 

Oh yes, and then there’s the zombie Davina. Lovely touch, and good on you Queen D for getting stuck in – literally.

As good as any zombie movie I’ve seen recently. Can’t wait for episode two tonight…



One Response to “Dead Set”

  1. Totally agree, and it’s much MUCH more watching that Big Brother 🙂

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