Dead Set: The climax

So, Dead Set has finished its run for halloween on E4 with a final chilling montage of shots that were chillingly depressing and therefore classic zombie.

I loved this series. OK, there were a couple of points when it dragged a bit but on the whole it nipped along like a rabid, brain-hungry, breathing-impaired meat-lover. 

Five things I loved about Dead Set:

5. The brain-dead contestant casually flicking through a copy of Heat while a zombie claws at the locked door.

4. The slimy, egotistical producer enjoying gutting the corpse of a transvestite male nurse a little bit too much.

3. The zombies almost licking the glass of the two way mirrors as Kelly peers out oblivious that it’s so close.

2. That gut-wrenching climax that snatches utter despair from the jaws of well, a little less despair at least. Romero would have been proud (in fact, Dead Set could, dare I say it, teach the old master of the shuffling dead if Diary of the Dead is anything to go by)

1. Zombie Davina. Who would have thought she would have been that good?

4 (out of 5) tana leaves


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