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Inca Mummy Girl

Posted in The Mummy, TV Reviews with tags , on 13 October, 2008 by Cavan

Sunnydale. You gotta wonder why people moved there. Sure, they didn’t know about the entire Hellmouth thing, but the place is as doomed as Albert Square on December 25th. When a touring Incan mummy exhibit comes to the local museum you can be sure that before long our cheerleading Vamp hunter is going to have to start kicking undead butt.

At least it’s a shapely butt. Ara Celi is stunning as a 500 year old Ican princess who escapes her tomb when a student manages to smash the seal that keeps her safely living impaired. He gets a big mummified snog and she gets all of his life energy. Before too long the truly yummy mummy is posing as an exchange student and has worked her way into Buffy’s Scooby Gang and is desperately trying to live a normal life while goofy old Xander tries to get into her… affections. The normal life thing isn’t helped though by her habit of draining life-force and scattering seriously deceased husks here, there and everywhere. This doesn’t bode well as Xander invites her to the school dance.

This episode is a typical monster-of-the-week romp from the early days of the hit series, before Buffy and co disappeared up their own continuity. The production team were obviously saving their case for the season finale as the makeup and prosthetics are minimal at best. But typically cool Buffy dialogue helps everything nip along nicely and the Mummy Girl is far easier on the eye than Lon Chaney. Interesting to see Buffy tackling one of the ‘classics’ for the first time too. The Wolf Man, Frankenstein and, of course, old Drac were to come. For once the Mummy wasn’t bringing up the rear (which isn’t just another excuse to bring up Ara Celi’s shapely form again. Honest).

3 (out of 5) Tana leaves.