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Mad Monster Merchandise: Soaky Mummy

Posted in Mad Monster Merchandise with tags , , , , , , on 10 October, 2008 by Cavan

How cool are these? This terrifying quartet (which I found here) of 10 inch bubble-bath containers, or soakies, were released in 1963 by Colgate-Palmolive in the States. Obviously in Mummy Month our attention turns to the plastic Kharis, complete with most un-Universal blood splatters (and even a little bit of the red-stuff on the lips – and I don’t mean lipstick), but you’ve got to love that Frankenstein who looks about 17! And how freaky are Wolfie’s eyes.

Anyway, check your loft in case you’ve got any of these babies. Individually they can raise $100 (58 quid-ish) but together the fiendish four went for $728 (£420) in a Denver auction in 2005. Suddenly I don’t think I’m going to throw away my black Dalek bubble bath from last Chrimbo!