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The Mummies Live

Posted in Mad Monster Merchandise with tags , , , , , , on 22 October, 2008 by Cavan

These are amazing. I followed the link from the ever wonderful Frankensteinia and found myself browsing the site of Cheshire born sculptor Mike Hill who has left the UK for the sunny climbs of LA. I’d seen his amazing Batman and Superman wax-statues in the DC Mythology book but have never seen these amazing busts. His Frankenstein sculpts have to be seen to be believed but the accuracy on these mummy busts of Karloff and Lee is staggering. Just look at that expression in the Hammer Mummy’s face and Karloff’s the Uncanny’s gaze has perhaps never been so hypnotic… 


Batman and the Mummy

Posted in Comics with tags , on 9 October, 2008 by Cavan

It’s not just Tana Leaves that floats a Mummy’s boat. According to this ad from 1975, if you find yourself being menaced by a Mummy, don’t reach for your Special Mummy Ray Gun, grab a box of Twinkies. As Robin would say, Great Cheops!

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